The Past That Haunts
 Wardman Chronicles: Book 1

Lilith Wardman was six when her parents died. Since then, she's gone through the motions of life, dreaming of what might have been had her world not been ripped apart. 


Yet at the age of twenty-three, she finds herself thrust into a fresh nightmare. 


Two sides are pitted against each other in a brewing vampire war, and Lilith is caught in between them. One wants her dead. The other will put their lives on the line to save her. 


When Dominic Rosini kidnaps Lilith, he claims he accepted his boss’s offer to protect her. Little does she know, Dominic is driven by motives of his own. His boss made a promise Dominic intends to keep, despite his growing attraction to the frightened mortal. 


Trapped in a deadly game of cat and mouse, can Lilith trust the feelings she’s developing for Dominic? Or will the delicate life she built be left in shambles once more?

The Past That Haunts is an adult paranormal mafia romance that explores topics such as mental health and trauma. Expect profanity, mature themes, sexual situations, and general violence. This story touches on the topics of abortion, alcoholism, attempted murder, blood, car accident, child abuse, death, gun violence, kidnapping, murder, stalking, and torture.

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